We’ve built an impressive knowledge-base over twenty plus years, with people who have been in this industry and have seen it grow up to a mature profession. We pass that on to all our people, and they put their skill and knowledge to work for you.

There’s no greater satisfaction for our employees than to know that when they leave a piece of your equipment that had been shut down, it’s now back online and efficient because of their expertise. The only people we send to address your industrial cleaning and vacuum recovery needs are those who pass our rigorous training regimen that produces employees in which we are proud and you can be confident.

It starts with our vetting process: for every person we hire, we’ve talked with 12 or 15 others who just didn’t make the cut. We interview thoroughly for motivation, intelligence, aptitude, teamwork, and the ability to listen effectively.

Then we train our people exhaustively, because we know a trained employee is a safe employee. We train for safety right alongside applied job skills, so it’s never an afterthought.

When we’re done, we’ve developed employees who take pride in their work and safety habits, and we take great pride in them. We know that’s who you see most in your plant, and who ultimately gets the job done for you. We’re aware that we owe our success to the caliber of our crews, who give you 100 percent, every time.