When the job requires elimination of heat, spark danger or vibration—such as in the cleaning of mixing tank and reactor vessels—water is the safe and effective solution.

55K Waterjet Abrasive Cutting
Using our 55,000 p.s.i.-powered Husky rig, we’re able to cut through up to 6 inches of steel and 36 inches of concrete using ultra high pressure water mixed with a garnet abrasive.

This cutting method is appropriate to a variety of applications, including concrete, steel-reinforced concrete or metal:

  • Tanks
  • Vats or vessels
  • Metal structures
  • Pipelines

Waterjet cutting is especially effective where there is the risk of ancillary structural compromise due to vibration, or where the risk of explosion is present, since it is a cold process.

Abrasive Cutting
Circular Abrasive Cutting