Founded in 1993 by Ray Cantrell, CANCO is owned by Ray (President/CEO) and his wife, Edie Abell Cantrell (CFO). Their son, Chris, is involved as a general manager in this thriving family business. As their company has grown, the Cantrells have never lost sight of the values upon which the business was based: integrity and fairness that puts the customer first.

CANCO has upgraded its equipment as technology has changed. They have a history as early adopters of new equipment. “When it offers benefits to our customers, we’re not afraid to invest to get the job done better, faster and more economically,” says Chris. “We’re small compared to a lot of companies, but we’re versatile and agile in responding to a changing marketplace.”

“We still have customers from 20 years ago,” says Ray. “We’ve never lost a customer, except to plant closings. There’s been no loss to competition. We’ve had people call in other companies for comparison, but ultimately they call us back to finish the job, because they realize the quality we deliver for them.”


When you need industrial cleaning and vacuum recovery services, you need a company that can back up its claims with a long history of finding a way to say yes to tackling your biggest challenges. CANCO is “can do.”