Ultra-High Pressure Waterblasting, Vacuuming And Hydro-Cutting Services

The Industrial Cleaning Resource

We get it. We get that you don’t have time to fool around with amateurs learning on your dime. We get that when you need professional plant cleaning, you need it now and you need it right. But most of all, we get results…for you. The kind you can depend on, over and over again.

At Canco, we’re “can do,” but we don’t try to be all things to all people. We know where our strengths lie, and we focus on the services we can provide with the most expertise, the best equipment and the best outcomes for you. These areas of expertise and proven results include:


55K High Pressure Water Blasting

When what needs removal is stubborn enough that nothing else will do, it’s time to bring in The Big Guns.


Heat Exchanger cleaning

We developed the only automatic lancing machine in existence, operated by highly trained, expert technicians using ultra high 55,000 p.s.i. pressure to deliver powerful yet safe cleaning of these critical and easily damaged components.


Industrial cleaning

Our specialized equipment and operators handle the toughest cleaning jobs with nothing but water, cold or heated, safely removing product buildup without the cost and hazards of chemicals or abrasives.


Vacuum Excavation

From pipeline rehabilitation to vacuum excavation to wet material recovery, our equipment offers unmatched flexibility for a wide variety of industry applications.


Spill remediation

Whether it’s wet or dry material, we can clean up spills at plants, on job sites, or on the road, testing surrounding soils and removing any contaminated material, backfilling and replanting.


Process pipe cleaning

Our “Radiotection” inspection feature enables pinpoint accuracy in locating problems, eliminating costly excavations or demolitions, while our diverse water jetting equipment usually allows us to address the problem without any digging or dismantling.


Surface prep | Linings removal

The power of our ultra high pressure water combine with extremely high nozzle rotation speeds to allow hyper-efficient removal rates for the toughest linings and coatings.


55K Waterjet abrasive cutting

Water is the safe and effective solution when the job requires elimination of heat, spark danger or vibration. Our 55,000 p.s.i.-powered Husky rig lets us cut through up to 6 inches of steel and 36 inches of concrete using ultra high pressure water mixed with a garnet abrasive.