Your toughest cleaning challenges demand the most effective solutions available…


and CANCO offers you more options. We are the only company in the Carolinas to offer an ultra high pressure – 55K High Pressure Water Blasting – hydroblasting. This technologically advanced technique features the Husky 55,000 p.s.i. pump from Flow International.

Running under the highest pressure available in the industry, our Husky pumps provide up to fifty-five thousand pounds of pressure per square inch, using an amazingly low volume of water (3-6.5 gallons per minute, compared to 10-20 g.p.m. of other hydroblasters). That’s less water for disposal, whether through your system or ours.

The Husky hydroblaster costs less to operate than other, similar machines, allowing us to offer you maximum productivity at lower prices. Its engine meets worldwide Tier 3 emission standards, to keep environmental impact on your facility to a minimum. We’re proud to offer these pumps in our line of state-of-the-art equipment that includes productivity attachments, vacuum trucks and camera units.

Water vs. Abrasives…

Hydroblasting Equipment

It is a battle that pits an old adversary against a younger, stronger and faster competitor. Put your money on the new kid on the block.

In addition to preparing a superior surface faster and at less cost, ultrahigh pressure waterjetting:

  • Produces no grit, so steel, mechanical and electrical work, or painting, can be performed concurrently with surface preparation, meaning projects can be completed in less time
  • Eliminates containment, collection and disposal costs associated with abrasives, saving you money
  • Produces lower levels of soluble salts so coatings adhere better
  • Requires no masking or tarping to protect sensitive equipment such as motors, bearings, etc., reducing time and money spent getting ready to do the job and allows for 100% collection of removed coatings, saving time and money