Process pipes are the arteries that keep your facility’s heartbeat pumping, but they can quickly bring an operation to a standstill if they get stopped up. The trick to avoiding costly work stoppages due to blocked pipelines is regular, periodic preventive cleaning. But even the most well-maintained lines sometimes experience unexpected blockages, and then what you need is an experienced team of troubleshooters that understands how your specific system works and where to look for problems.

CANCO’s camera system allows video inspection of lines to assess blockages and verify clearing.

Storm and sewer drains, from 48 inch down to 1-inch diameter pipe, can be easily cleared using Line Moling. Our trailer-mounted units are set up with plenty of hose to go the distance to reach anywhere inside your plugged lines.

With custom-designed nozzles in a wide range of sizes and spray patterns, and water jetting systems from 10,000 to 55,000 p.s.i., our line moles bore through the toughest deposits, efficiently eliminating all unwanted material in a single pass. Rear thrusters flush resulting debris as they pull the feeder lines through the tube. Where required, vacuum systems contain any splashback.